Terms Of Service

Welcome to Pillowhub's Terms of Service, effective as of December 2023. These terms regulate access to and use of the website Pillowhub.com and its related content. By engaging with the site, you accept these conditions and enter an agreement with Pillowhub.

Please review our Privacy Policy for information on how your data is handled, available at Pillowhub/pages/privacy-policy. Website management is the responsibility of PillowHub, and references to "we," "us," and "our" pertain to the site's provider. Complying with these Terms is mandatory for all site users—if non-agreeable, do not use or access the site.

Note that alterations to these Terms may happen, and your ongoing use signals acceptance of such changes. Online Store Terms: Confirm you are of legal age or possess guardian consent for minors.

All site usage must comply with applicable laws, particularly copyright laws. Copyright: PillowHub retains all intellectual property rights to the original photographs displayed on our platforms, ensuring that each image is a true representation of our products and brand identity.

These photos are the exclusive property of PillowHub and are protected under copyright laws. Additionally, certain images feature watermarks; these are the properties of the respective manufacturers and are used with their authorization. Such watermarks indicate the origin of the image and serve to identify the manufacturer's own intellectual property.

Consequently, the use of any watermarked images should respect the rights and ownership of the manufacturers concerned. General Conditions: We reserve service refusal rights and remind you that non-credit information may be unencrypted during transmission, while credit card information is always encrypted. Information Accuracy:

We provide information for general reference, not as a singular decision-making source. Regular checks for content updates are user responsibility. Service and Pricing Changes: Prices and service features may change without notice, and we can modify or discontinue the Service at our discretion. Products: Availability may be limited and subject to our return policy.

We strive for accurate online representation, but cannot guarantee monitor display accuracy. We may limit sales based on various factors at our discretion. Billing and Account Information: We reserve order limit or cancellation rights and require accurate, complete, and current transactional information. Third-Party Links: We aren't accountable for third-party content, and interactions are at your risk. User Contributions: We may use user-submitted comments without restrictions. Personal Information: Governed by our Privacy Policy.

Payment Processor: Card details are not stored on our website but processed by a trusted third-party. Reversed Transactions: Users shoulder the costs of reversed payments unless a refund is granted.

Errors and Omissions: We may amend inaccuracies without prior notice. Restricted Uses: The website must not be used for unauthorized or illegal purposes.

Warranty Disclaimer and Liability Limitation: Service usage is at your own risk. We provide "as is" services without warranties.

Indemnification: Users agree to cover PillowHub for any claims arising from Terms violations.

Legal Validity: Unenforceable term provisions don't affect the remaining terms. Termination: Both parties must adhere to liabilities even after agreement termination.

Entire Agreement: The Terms of Service replace all prior agreements. Governing Law: Governed by applicable laws. For inquiries, email us at info@pillowhub.store