Which Fabric Is the Best for your needs and wallet?

Which fabric should you choose for your dakimakura, taking into account your preferences and your budget?

Peach Skin: This fabric is the most affordable option and is quite durable. Although it may not be the softest, it offers good picture quality and longevity.

Japanese Textile: A step up from peach skin, this fabric combines good picture quality with improved softness.

Natural Velvet: Known for its luxurious feel, natural velvet requires extra care and may not last as long as other fabrics. Additionally, the picture quality may not be as sharp due to the nature of velvet.

Two-Way Tricot (2way tricot): Considered the highest quality option, two-way tricot offers exceptional picture quality, unmatched softness, and outstanding longevity. It is, however, the most expensive fabric choice.

Ultimately, the best fabric for your dakimakura depends on your personal preferences and budget. If durability and affordability are key factors, peach skin or Japanese textile may be suitable options. If you prioritize luxurious feel and unparalleled quality, natural velvet or two-way tricot might be more appealing choices. It's important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each fabric to make the best decision for your needs.