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Why Choose Our Dakimakura

Welcome to Pillow Hub, where comfort meets quality. Our Body Pillows are meticulously crafted with a commitment to providing the ultimate relaxation and support experience. Here's why you should choose our pillows:

Hidden Zipper Design

With its excellent invisible performance and smooth sliding action, this zipper provides superior care and offers a seamless, polished appearance when closed.

Double Needle Sewing

Our body pillows are meticulously crafted with fine sewing using a double-needle four-thread standard needle technique, ensuring stable, strong, and invisible stitching for a seamless and premium finish.

High Quality Printing

Our Takakishi printing process involves high-definition printing of the artist's original design, ensuring precision and texture balance on 2WT and all other fabrics our pillows come in.

Made With 2Way Tricot

Our Pillows Made with 2-way Tricot material offer a whisper-soft touch, elevating relaxation to new heights. 2 Way tricot is crafted for longevity to ensure enduring quality and comfort while providing vibrant imagery for your body pillow.

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I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the items arrived, it took one week. They were also packed really well and everything was in perfect condition when it arrived. I'll definitely be shopping here again in the future!

Ava Rodriguez

The items arrived in One Week exactly as described and ordered, with one on each side. The print quality is impeccable on 2wayTricot, and there are no sewing errors.

William Hall

Pillow Hub exceeded my expectations. The product quality is superb. The quick shipping and excellent customer service make this shop the best place for all your Dakimakuras

Blake Richardson

I've bought covers from this site multiple times now and I can honestly say the quality is fantastic. I've got the 2-way tricot and they're so soft and really live up to your expectations! I liked them so much that I decided to order a Shizuku Kuroe cover as well.

Max Campbell

Excellent store with top-notch customer service and swift delivery. The materials and quality of the products received were exceptional. The customer service team promptly addressed all my queries and remained helpful throughout the entire delivery process.

Fiona Flores

Really fast shipping, Nice price I would recommend Pillow Hub

Isabel Mitchell

The inner pillow is incredibly soft and delightful, and the two-way tricot fabric feels absolutely amazing against my skin.

Dominic Green

Great pricing, faster shipping than expected. Artwork is good for the price.

Eliana Baker


The best fabric for your body pillow depends on your preferences and budget.
Natural Velvet: provides a luxurious feel but requires extra care and may not last as long.
Peach Skin: is affordable and durable, with good picture quality.
Two-Way Tricot: is the highest quality, offering exceptional picture quality and unparalleled softness, but it is the most expensive option.

Find out in more detail here

We offer expedited shipping options to over 85 countries, ensuring swift delivery of your order. For detailed shipping times and our shipping policy

If our products fail to meet your expectations, we provide two options for you to consider:

1 Receiving a 100% refund of the item directly to your account.

2 Receiving a 150% credit for the item towards your next purchase. For instance, if you purchased a $60 body pillow cover that was damaged, we will provide you with $90 worth of store credit.

To qualify for a refund, you must return the product within 60 calendar days of your purchase, and the product must be in the same condition as when you received it.

For additional details, please refer to our complete refund policy here.


Dream of being closer to your favorite anime character? Our premium anime body pillows bring your waifu or husbando right to your side, letting you wake up each morning with the character you adore. Cuddle, snuggle, and enjoy relaxing moments with your beloved character. These life-sized, long body pillows make perfect gifts for any otaku or manga enthusiast.

Both Waifu pillows featuring anime girls and Husbando pillows showcasing male characters are really soft, making them perfect for cuddles. Either way, you'll love snuggling with a super soft pillow. Anime pillows provide emotional support to reduce loneliness and anxiety.

Great not only for your soul but for your body and sleep, too! Ideal size and shape of the dakimakura pillows provide perfect support for your torso, arms, and legs, therefore prevent discomfort and soreness. You will feel relaxed, safe, and cozy, enjoying better sleep every night. Change your bedding and make it up now!